Select direction. Take full advantage of the business potential of the Internet.

Website without visitors will not bring any profit. Absence of marketing is often the reason for the failure of online projects and mistaken seduction blame on poorly designed web page.


  • Definition of objectives

    At least in the basic points you should be clear what you want to achievein the online campaign.

  • Specify the target audience

    Definition of target groups help you choose the functional marketing tools and use is an effective way.

  • The selection of instruments available

    An appropriate combination of marketing tools helps you achieve the desired result with low investment costs.

  • Campaign plan

    Individual marketing actions must fit together.

  • Analysis of the result

    What can not be measured can not be managed. Each campaign musthave measurable results and you must serve for further decisions.

  • Review and repeat the process

    According to the Deming cycle – ie PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) may berepeating and improving marketing to improve the process and achievebetter results.


  • SEO optimization

    The fight for a better position in the results of the Internet search engines have become an integral part of most web projects.

  • PPC campaigns, remarketing

    With PPC campaigns can be achieved rapidly (within minutes of the launch of the new website) required attendance with precise targeting.Remarketing then strengthen your brand among internet users who havevisited your site.

  • Social networks

    Clearly the current trend of internet marketing. With well-developedcampaigns to social networks can be achieved avalanche rush of visitors to your projects.

  • Direct mail

    Direct addressing customers via e-mail has always been one of the most effective ways of getting visitors.